RAFT Dementia Support Program


  • Assessment of Problematic Behaviors
  • Develop a Plan of Care
  • Individualized education and training for skill development
  • Resource coordination and referrals
  • Wellness, Recovery and Action Plan for Dementia to prevent crises
  • Short term Respite ALF beds.


RAFT Dementia Support Program Training

The RAFT Dementia Support Program staff use proven, evidenced-based approaches to reduce challenging behaviors which are invaluable in working with older adults with dementia.

The RAFT Dementia Support Program teaches families members and caregivers how to effectively manage problematic behaviors such as delusions and hallucinations, aggression and agitation, depression and anxiety, impulsivity, repetitive behaviors, and nighttime behaviors.

Fostering new skills to manage behaviors can create less distress for the individual with dementia, family and caregiver.


RAFT Dementia Support Program Resource Coordination

The RAFT Dementia Support Program is compiling a comprehensive list of resources available throughout Northern Virginia. The RAFT Dementia Specialist will work with the family member and individual with dementia to access appropriate resources for your needs.

Dementia Wellness and Recovery Action Plan

The RAFT Dementia Support Program will help families and individuals with dementia create an individualized action plan in the event things do not go as hoped. Wellness Recovery Action Plans include important information including the individual’s daily routine, triggers for behaviors, early warning signs, early signs of behavioral changes, a crisis plan and post crisis plan. In this way, when behaviors begin to increase, or a crisis occurs, the caregiver has a written plan of action. 


Sydney Palinkas, LMSW, CDP
RAFT Dementia Education and Outreach Coordinator
Regional Older Adult Facilities Mental Health Support Team
7611 Little River Turnpike, Suite 200
Annandale, VA 22003
Cell: 703-814-2701